AlarmBiller Makes Life Easier for this California Security Company

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Are you tired of…

Wasting time making schedules by hand? Missing billing because of manual invoices? Letting things fall through the business cracks?

So was this Southern California based security company.  But AlarmBiller helped them fix the problems, and it can help your company too.  Read on to hear what the company’s Office Manager, Angelia, had to say about the software.

AlarmBiller Can Help.

Schedule with Ease

“AlarmBiller has been superb for scheduling.  Before, we used to make manual schedules and hand them out to techs, so once the guys were out in the field, it was pretty hard to communicate.  We had to wait ‘til the end of the day—or even the next—to hear what happened on calls.  For us, it’s really important that the techs in the field and the people in the office know what’s going on with the each other, so AlarmBiller has really made it easier for both sides to communicate as things as they happen during the day.”


Bill with Confidence

“Before AlarmBiller, we used to miss a lot of billing because we were generating invoices manually.  It was easy to forget because there were no reminders.  Now AlarmBiller does all that automatically, so I virtually push four buttons and it’s done. What used to take me two hours now takes me ten minutes. That has been absolutely a blessing.”


Rely on Automation

“What I like about the way AlarmBiller operates is that it does the work for you.  I don’t have to write post it notes reminding myself what I need to do every day anymore because the program does it automatically. So that takes a big burden off of me.  The notification system is also really great.  When customers have an expiring credit card, AlarmBiller sends a notice before it happens.  We call the customer, put a new new card number in the system, and we were all good.  It gives me reports on payments, lets me know when they’re posted and if they went through.  It just saves us a lot of time and hassle per billing cycle.”


Save Time with Easy-to-use Features

“We’re starting to utilize AlarmBiller more and more. We’re starting to enter parts. We’re excited to start using the accounting features more.  It’s a great program.  I’m new to it, and I’m not even computer savvy—I have my eight year old doing Google searches for me for other things— but I actually look forward to learning new stuff in AlarmBiller.  I’m always discovering new features that will be great tools for the business.  I watch when AlarmBiller posts webinars and updates, but I really learn when I get in there and start playing with it.  And the features we’re already using—I’m a champion at those!”


Spend Your Time on What Matters

“Working with AlarmBiller has freed up a lot more time for me to focus on overseeing other functions of the company because tasks that used to take me hours now only take a couple minutes, and I love that all the information is in one place.  I’m not logging into another program. It’s like a one stop shop.”


Count on Quality Support

“I only have nice things to say about AlarmBiller.  Everyone I’ve come into contact with over there has been super great. Especially the support; it’s fantastic.  Karin is absolutely awesome, and in the beginning of this process she became my best friend. She really helped me understand the process of how to do the billing. And one time, I submitted a support ticket, and Brad called me at 8 o’clock at night your time to answer my question. I was like, ‘why are you working right now?’ And he said ‘I saw your ticket and wanted to help you out.’”