Mr. Technician: Closing a Service Ticket

It’s been a long week out in the field, on average I have closed five service tickets a day.  Life as a security technician is no easy task, but it’s my job to protect the people, so there’s no room for slacking.  However, it’s Friday, the clock has finally struck five, and I am ready to go home from my last job of the day, watch some basketball and unwind.  Suddenly, I remember that I have to log my hours for the work I’ve completed.  Drive back to the office?  No. Too far, and the game starts in a half hour.  Remember my hours until Monday?  Not likely.  My memory is a like steel trap, but even steel gets rusty after 48 hours of R&R.

Then, I remember AlarmBiller’s work order time management feature.  After I’ve finished a job, I can complete my work order and enter my departure time with the touch of a tablet.  The customer signs the touch screen to approve the work order, and, right there, an invoice is generated through AlarmBiller. Using Mrs. Customer’s credit card, I authorize payment, quick as a flash, and Mr. Owner and I both know that getting paid on the spot is good for cash flow.

The ending to this story is a happy one. Mrs. Customer is happy because we provided great service to keep her safe another day. Mr. Owner is happy because we got paid for a service call onsite instead of waiting to get a check in the mail. And last, but not least, I am very happy, because my weekend is starting a little early, and I’m going to make it home in time to see tip off.  Once again, AlarmBiller has saved the day.