How Customer Feedback Leads to Customization

When choosing business management software for your security company, one question business owners should ask is: “Is this solution customizable?”

Keyboard with Customize Orange Button.

Many off-the-shelf software programs cater to large audiences with general, widespread needs. We realized that security dealers needed a tool more specific to their industry.  Our clients appreciate that AlarmBiller addresses their particular issues.  Even further, we listen to our clients and update our program regularly.

Here are just a few additions that we have added to our Alarm Billing Software due to our clients’ input:

Critical messages

Critical messages are alerts that a business owner can put on a customer’s account so that a technician may view them, i.e. “Credit card expired, update card number”.

Contact lists

Contact lists are directories of people at a site that a technician would contact when performing service. Contact lists come in handy to alarm business employees so they can contact the right person in case of an emergency or to get into a facility.

CC Invoices

CC Invoices offer your employees the ability to email invoices to multiple parties.

System part list

Our system part lists provide detailed information on parts installed (zone, install date, serial number and removal date).

User Roles

Our “user roles” function makes it possible for the dealer to customize security permissions for individual employees (administrative, manager, technicians, sales, etc.).

Before you implement a, “one-size-fits-all” option, consider billing software that is specific to the security industry and is customizable, like AlarmBiller.

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