How Does AlarmBiller Work?

AlarmBiller gives security companies the ability to stop messing with paper proposals, work orders and invoices.

cloud based business management software
With AlarmBiller software your security technician can accept payment on-site.

Here’s How:

  • Dealer creates proposal in AlarmBiller software.
  • Once the proposal is accepted by the client via email, it flows right into a work order.
  • That work order is scheduled as a service appointment is added into the AlarmBiller calendar.
  • Using the calendar, you’re able to to assign a technician to the appointment.
  • When the technician is on his/her way out to the site, the business owner and the customer are notified.
  • Once the appointment is done the technician closes out the work order on-site.
  • This creates an invoice and the technician can conveniently take a payment at the customer’s home.

Have monthly, recurring customers? We’ll show you have to set up recurring invoices, too. Watch below:

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