I am Captain Kirk

I’ve been challenged, and I love a good challenge.  If you’ve been in the alarm industry from more than a day or two, then you obvious know Ron Davis.  If you don’t know Ron, than I suggest you get out more and get to know Ron.  Whether you like Ron or not, that’s a matter for another discussion, most likely over a couple beers.  While most people like Ron, there may be a few that don’t.  To me that’s a great sign of someone’s character, because if everybody likes you, than you’re probably not sharing your opinion too much.  And if you know Ron, you know he’s one to never shy away from a conversation and say what’s on his mind.  So why do I bring up Ron, because he challenged me.

Before I discuss the challenge, a little background is in order.  This past week, we just hosted the 13th Annual SedonaOffice Users Conference.  Ron has attended most of our conferences.  For the 13th consecutive year we set a new attendance record, with over 350 people attending our conference, including over half of the SDM 100 companies, and the 2014 SDM Dealer and Integrator of the Year.  I won’t recap our conference, although let me say it was an awesome event.  During the conference Ron sat down with me to share a few of his ideas and opinions, remember as I said before, Ron is not shy, and if he has something to tell you, he will.

So here it is, Ron challenged me to create a blog to share my thoughts, ideas, suggestions and experiences.  Well, if you know me, like Ron, I’m not shy to share what’s on my mind, so initially I thought this would be an easy challenge.  What I didn’t take into consideration is that to create a blog and share my thoughts I would have to put it on paper.  For me, that’s not so easy.  Ever since I can remember I hated having to write papers and reports.  In high school and college it was my downfall, I could easily discuss, debate and present my thoughts verbally, but when it came to writing it down I was awful.  I could easily back down and let my fears prevent me from this challenge, or I can take them head on.  I choose the latter.

I am going to create a blog and post every week or so.  Notice how I didn’t promise every week; timelines aren’t my cup of tea.  My blog will share with you a wide range of topics on all sorts of issues, both business and personal.  I’ll try to make the topics relevant and informative.  I hope you’ll read them and find them entertaining and useful.  I promise you the writing style and sentence structure will not win accolades from my high school English teacher; in fact just the opposite, she’ll gladly deny she ever knew me.

So Ron, here goes it.  This is the first of many (I hope).  As I learned at our conference from our keynote presenter Dave Mitchell (btw, if you don’t know Dave check out his website at http://www.theleadershipdifference.com, he was fantastic and a great hit) I’m “Captain Kirk”.  And I’m willing to ,’Boldly go where no man has gone before.’  And this is just what I’m going to do.  Ron thanks for the challenge.  More to follow…