Is There a Low Cost Billing Solution for my Security Business?

We talk to security dealers every day and we always hear about how business owners need a billing solution that makes sense financially. Luckily, AlarmBiller is a cloud-based, customizable and low-cost option for all business owners. Here are some key features of AlarmBiller that ultimately affect your bottom line in a positive way:

Try AlarmBiller with no strings attached.

You can try AlarmBiller for Free! Love our software but don’t want to feel locked into your choice? No problem, we do not make our clients sign a contract.

Get everything you want with only a monthly fee.

With AlarmBiller, there are no hidden costs and absolutely no surprises. We regularly update our platform and want all of our monthly subscribers to benefit equally from the software. When we make an improvement, all of our clients can take advantage of it immediately.

One charge for everyone’s use.

You’ll find that many cloud-based software solutions require more money for additional users. Not here! At AlarmBiller, each company pays the same rate no matter how many employees use the software. Our monthly fee is based on the number of active customers you have rather than how many of your staff members utilize the program.

Awesome rates.

AlarmBiller offers very affordable rates on credit card and eCheck processing. As many small business owners know, fees like these certainly add up. Many of our clients benefit so much from them, that the software pays for itself! One customer even saved more than their monthly AlarmBiller fee when they switched.

Mail Invoices to customers who need it.

While the world is becoming more and more digital by the day, some customers require information mailed to them, and AlarmBiller streamlines that process. For $1.00 we can mail your invoices for you in full color – we’ll even include folding, envelope stuffing, a return payment envelope AND postage. So no matter how high-tech or low-tech your client is, all Alarm Companies can benefit from this streamlined approach.

Do you think we are the perfect solution for all of your alarm billing needs? Sign up!