Mr. Technician: Service and Appointment Scheduling

It’s a typical day at security company headquarters scheduling work orders, answering calls and making sure everything runs smoothly.  The afternoon is dragging, and when 2 p.m. hits, Ms. Secretary stands up sleepily and heads to the coffee machine for an afternoon pick me up.  Then, the phone rings.  Abandoning her coffee, Ms. Secretary knows there is an important job to do.  She picks up the phone to find a distressed Mr. Customer on the other end of the line.  Earlier that afternoon, his alarm system stopped working completely, and he wasn’t sure what to do.  “Not to worry,” Ms. Secretary exclaimed. “I’ll use AlarmBiller’s scheduling features to notify Mr. Technician!”

Out In the Field:

I’m finishing up a job when I get a notification on my iPad.  “A new email,” I think to myself.  “I’d better check that.”  As I open up my inbox, I feel my phone buzz.  A text and an email?  I know at once it must be AlarmBiller’s scheduling feature telling me I have a new work order.  Only AlarmBiller’s state-of-the-art technology would have the foresight to notify me on all of my devices.

Sure enough, it’s a message from the security company headquarters.  Mr. Customer is in trouble, and my AlarmBiller dispatch and scheduling features show me his address, appointment time, and how, exactly, I can help solve his dilemma.

I arrive on the scene in the nick of time.  The security alarm is sounding, dogs are barking, and chaos is running rampant.  I enter the home, work my Mr. Technician magic on the system, and the panic stops immediately.  Needless to say, Mr. Customer is extremely grateful.  I use AlarmBiller’s payment feature on the spot to make the customer’s transaction quick and easy, and I log the job as complete in my schedule.  As I drive away into the sunset feeling accomplished, I think to myself, “Just another problem solved with the help of AlarmBiller.”