Why Cloud-Based Management Software for Security Dealers?


AlarmBiller is a turn-key management software solution for small to mid-sized security dealers. AlarmBiller’s cloud-based platform appeals to  business owners. Here’s why:

Looking to go green?

  • Cloud-based programs offer clients the option to use a paperless system. With AlarmBiller, there is an option to mail clients proposals and invoices, however, your customers tend to desire this information via e-mail and on the web for convenience.. We simply and easily help you make the transition to a more modern platform.

Anytime access.

  • Offering your customers a cloud-based option is a great customer service strategy. These days, people live busy lives and are unable to schedule appointments or get the information they need from alarm companies during business hours. When you employ the use of an online system, your clients have all the information they need from you on all their devices at any time.

Spend Less Time on the Phone.

  • Giving your clients cloud-based access to AlarmBiller decreases calls coming in to your administrators and time spent on the phone answering scheduling and billing questions. Schedule work orders, view financial information and check-in with with clients and technicians all under one platform.

Alarm Billing Payments in just a click!

  • A cloud-based system allows your technicians to accept payment on site, digitally, without the mess of mailing invoices and waiting for checks to arrive. A cloud-based system is more convenient for your employees and customers.

Invoice Automation

  • We have invoice automation. With just a click of the mouse we can have recurring invoices generated for you! This saves you time which leads to more sales and more money.  It’s a win-win.

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