Frequently Asked Questions

About AlarmBiller

What is AlarmBiller?

AlarmBiller is a web portal to run and operate your security business. AlarmBiller provides you with all the functionality to manage your customer base, including billing, recurring billing, work order management, payment processing, credit card and eCheck processing.

Is AlarmBiller easy to use?

Yes, with AlarmBiller you can be operational within an hour or two. It comes nearly all setup, all you have to do is enter your company information, setup a few items and you are good to go.

Getting Started

What do I need to get started?

Simply sign up for a free trial or call (440) 247-1640. All new customers can use AlarmBiller for up to 14 days for no charge.

Are there any system requirements?

AlarmBiller is an Internet based application, so if you can get on the web, you can use AlarmBiller.

Invoicing and Payments

What forms of payment are accepted?

ACH, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover payments are all accepted.

What are the associated fees for online payment?

Online payment fees are assessed by Forte with a low negotiated rate. Online payment is built into the application.


Am I able to import my existing Customers?

Yes, we have an import utility. You can use our Excel template; simply load your existing data into our Excel template and with a press of a button all your account data will be imported. Also, your central station will have the ability to load the Excel template for you.

Does AlarmBiller integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. AlarmBiller integrates with QuickBooks versions 2008 and later.