Pricing Information


$1,080 annual cost

1 – 100


$1,620 annual cost

101 – 250


$2,052 annual cost

251 – 500


$2,376 annual cost

501 – 1000


$2,700 annual cost

More than 1000

The monthly fee to operate AlarmBiller is due on the first of the month based on the number of active customers you have on the last day of the previous month.

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Data Conversion Services

One of the biggest hassles of converting software is moving your data. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our data conversion services can take the data from your existing software and bring it into AlarmBiller. Contact us for pricing.

Credit Card & eCheck Fees

The monthly service fee for credit card and eCheck is included. Credit card and eCheck processing fees are billed directly by Forte, the exclusive and integrated credit card and eCheck business partner of AlarmBiller.

PCI Compliance

The fee for merchant PCI Compliance is included in the monthly fee. AlarmBiller is a PCI Compliant solution; however, individual organizations must also be compliant or incur an additional fee from Forte.

Mail Service

Take the hassle out of mailing invoices. Fully integrated into AlarmBiller is a mail service that prints your invoices in full color, folds and inserts them into an envelope. Postage and a return envelope are also included. Cost for the mail services is $1.00 per invoice.