Accessing the Customer Portal

Before You Begin

We recommend using Chrome as your browser when you are accessing the Customer Portal.  In order for you to access the Customer Portal you must have an active account with your Security Company as well as an email.  If your Security Company does not have your email address please send it to them and ask them to set up your account on the Customer Portal.

Logging Into the Customer Portal

To access the customer portal, use the address that your Security Company has given you, which should look something like this:

Please note, due to the SSL security you need to type in the https:// in order to reach your unique web page.  We suggest setting this page as a bookmark for easy access in the future.  One the address above is entered; you will be directed to the Customer Portal Login Page.

Customer Portal 01

1. Select New Customer Registration

Customer Portal 02

2. Enter in the following fields: Registration KeyCustomer #, Zip Code, First Name, Last Name, Phone (including area code) and Email.  The information that you provide your Security Company is what needs to be entered in these fields.  i.e. if your Security Company uses your formal name (James) your must use James and not Jim when completing the New Customer Registration page.

Customer Info Reg Key

The Registration Key may be found at the bottom of the customer’s invoice. Invoice Reg Key

The Registration Key can also be accessed by the Dealer through clicking on the Customer Number, clicking the Edit button, going to the Customer Users tab and viewing the Registration Key in red.

Reg Key Cust Mgr

3. After the fields are completed click on Create.

Customer Portal 044. After clicking on Create an email will be sent to the address shown in the email field.  Check you email Inbox.  The email will give you your Username (email address) and contain a temporary password.

5. Return to the login screen, which is the address at that bottom of the email.  Enter your email address in the Username field and enter the Temporary Password provided in the email in the Password field.  Select Log In.

Customer Portal 076. You will now be asked to reset your password.  Note: passwords are case sensitive.  Enter your Password and then re-enter your password in the Confirm Password field.  Then click on Reset Password.

Customer Portal 08


7. Now you are ready to log into the Customer Portal.  Enter your Username and Password and select Log In.

Customer Portal 10

Congratulations!  You have successfully accessed the Customer Portal.

Things to Do in the Customer Portal

Update Contact Information

Updating your contact information through the Customer Portal is quick and easy.  Select the Edit button.

Customer Portal 11


After you click on Edit a box will appear with your contact information.  Type in any changes and select Save.

Customer Portal 12


Enter Credit Card or Bank Account Information

There are two different methods for entering your credit card/eCheck information.

At Time of Payment

Select method of payment by clicking on the box next to either Credit Card or eCheck. Once you select a method of payment, a drop box will appear.  If you already have a Credit Card or eCheck on file, it will appear in the drop down box.  Select which account would be used. (Please scroll ahead to page 10 for instructions on how to pay an invoice)

Customer Portal 13

Setting up Auto Pay

To set up Auto Pay Select the CC/eCheck tab.  If you would like to enter a new Credit Card, click on New Credit Card.

Customer Portal 14

After you click on New Credit Card the following screen will appear:

Deleting a credit card or bank account

If you need to delete a credit card or a bank account from the customer portal, you will need to contact your Security Dealer.

Customer Portal 15

Please complete all the fields under Bill To Options then complete all the fields under Credit Card Information.  Click Save.

If you would like to start using Auto Pay, check the box at the bottom of the screen labeled Auto Recurring.  By checking off the Auto Recurring box, you are giving permission to your Alarm Company to use the Credit Card/eCheck  for recurring payments.  Payments will be taken on the FIRST of each month unless other arrangements are made directly through your Alarm Company.  Click Save.

View Open Invoices

Any open invoices, invoices that have a balance, will appear as a list at the bottom of the Customer Portal.  If you are looking for an open invoice select View on the far right of the invoice line.  When View is selected it will download a PDF that you may open for viewing.

Customer Portal 14


View Closed Invoices

To view a closed invoice, (invoices that have a zero balance) click on the checkbox next to Show Paid Invoices.

Customer Portal 15


Once you select Pay It, a payment screen will appear.  At this point, you will have the choice of paying one invoice, multiple invoices, full payments or partial payments.

Customer Portal 18

Paying Invoice(s)

Pay One Invoice

To the left of the Open Invoice list, is a column titled Apply Credit.  Click on the Yes/No until the invoice you want to pay states Yes.

Customer Portal 16


The column on the right titled Apply Amount defaults to the balance of the invoice.

Pay Multiple Invoices

Under the Apply Credit column, change the field to Yes for each of the invoices you would like to pay.  Under the Apply Credit column if Yes is showing, then the invoice will be paid.  The dollar amount in the Amount Applied field is the sum of the Apply Amounts for every invoice that has Yes in the Apply Credit column.

Customer Portal 19


Partial Payments

If you would like to make just a partial payment, then double click on the dollar amount and enter the amount you would like to pay towards this particular invoice.

Customer Portal 17


To View Payment History

Click on the Payment History tab.  A list of payments, including, Payment Date, Payment Type, Check/credit card number and Amount will be available to view.

Customer Portal 20


Work Orders

Create a New Work Order

When you need service from your Security Company you may submit a Work Order from the Customer Portal.  To create a Work Order click on the Work Order tab and select New Work Order.

Customer Portal 14


Next, select a site and a system you would like to associate the work order with. Then select Ok.

Customer Portal 21


Click on Add Note and type a message you would like to convey to your dealer.  Once you are done typing, select Save Work Order.

Customer Portal 22


The work order would then be emailed to your Security Company.

View Status of Previous Work Order

Work Order statuses may also be viewed on the Work Orders tab.  The color of the work order will let you know when the technician has been dispatched, arrived, and completed the service call.

Customer Portal 23



Within the Customer Portal, you would be able to View, Accept, or Reject a Proposal your Security Company has offered you.  To do any of these options, click on the Proposals tab.  You will now be able to see the options listed.

Customer Portal 24


View a Proposal

Select Print to view the Proposal. When View is selected it will download a PDF that you may open for viewing.

 Accept Proposal

Select Accept to accept the Proposal.  Once you accept the proposal, you will be asked to type your name and then draw your name. (This can be done with a mouse or a finger if using a tablet or smartphone)  Click on Accept. (An email will automatically be sent to your salesperson to notify them of your acceptance.)

Reject Proposal

Select Reject if you decide not to accept the proposal.  You will now be able enter the reason(s) for rejection.  Click on Reject.  An email will automatically be sent to your salesperson to notify them of your rejection and reason.