Adding a New Employee

Adding an Employee will help you manage your Team, but does not give them access to AlarmBiller.  Employees need to be added for Drop Downs in different areas of the application (Salespeople and Technicians).  To give an employee access to AlarmBiller you would need to add them as a User (see reference guide if needed).

To add a new employee select Setup and then Employees under Company. Select New Employee.

Adding a New Employee 1b

Required Fields:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Job Title
  4. Email Address

Adding a New Employee 2b

Technician and Salesperson Check Boxes

The Technician and Salesperson check boxes should be used if your Employee falls into one or both of these groupings.   If they are not selected they will not be available for use in AlarmBiller where those items are reflected.

Employee Picture

To Add the Employee picture you would click on the Select Files and choose the picture you would like to use for them.

Linked User

If the Employee is also an AlarmBiller User be sure to select them from the Linked User drop down menu.