Create a Proposal

Step 1 – Customer

Before creating a proposal the customer (or potential customer) needs to be set up in AlarmBiller. Select the customer that you will be creating a proposal for.

Select Customer

Step 2 – New Proposal

  1. Select the Proposal tab
  2. Click on the New Proposal button

New Proposal

Step 4 – Proposal Options

Once in the New Proposal screen there are a number of fields to select from, as shown below. Items, Parts and RMR items may all be added to the proposal. There is also an option to add attachments, such as picture of the install location.

Proposal Fields

Step 5 – Close Proposal

When Items and Parts are entered the amounts will auto-calculate. Click on the Save Proposal button to save the proposal.

Proposal Item Totals

Step 6 – Confirmation

After you click on the Save Proposal button a confirmation that the Proposal was added is provided.

Proposal Confirmation

Step 7A – Print Proposal

Once the proposal is saved there will be a Print button. Click on the Print button to generate a PDF of the proposal that will be downloaded by your web browser.

Print Proposal

Step 7B – Email your proposal

Click on the Email button in the diagram above. The Proposal will be sent to the Contact Email stored in the Proposal. When complete you will receive a confirmation that the Proposal has been delivered.

Email Confirm

Congratulations your proposal is complete!