Credit Reason

Credit Reasons may be tracked in AlarmBiller when creating a Credit for a Customer. The Credit Reason is informational only and has no impact on the financial transaction. Credit Reason codes are for internal reporting purposes only. There is also a corresponding report that will let you know why you have credited customer accounts. When issuing a credit the Credit Reason is not required.

New Setup Table: Credit Reason

Credit Reason 01

Select Setup then Credit Reason to setup the values you would like to track.

Credit Reason 02


When creating or editing a Credit select the Credit Reason to assign to the Credit.  (This is not required)

Credit Reason 03

New Credit Reason Report

Run the Credit Reason Report to view a listing of all Credits based on their Credit Reason.  From the report you can click on the Credit to drill into it for more information.

Credit Reason 04

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