Proposal to Work Order

Step 1 – Change Proposal Status

Select the drop down arrow to the right of Status and select Sold.

Close Out Proposal

Step – 2 Mark the Proposal Complete

  1. Select the Complete tab
  2. The System field must be filled in with an existing System by selecting from the drop down or you can create a new one by clicking on New System
  3. Customer will type in their name
  4. Customer will sign their name
  5. Click on the Complete Proposal button

Mark Proposal Complete

Step 3 – Work Order Status and Work Order Type

Once you click on complete proposal the following box will appear. Select the Work Order Status and Work Order Type. When finished click on the Continue button.

Work Order Status and Type

Step 4 – Closed Proposal and Work Order Generation

A Notification will appear that AlarmBiller has closed the Proposal and generated a Work Order.

Work Order Generation

Step 5 – Open the Work Order

Click on the Work Order button

Open Work Order

Step 6A – Print the Work Order

Select the Print button and AlarmBiller will download a PDF of the Work Order from your web browser.

Print the Work Order

Step 6B – Email the Work Order

Select the Email button and the Work Order will be sent to the email address in the Work Order. After submitted you will receive a notification that the work order has been delivered.

Email the Work Order

Here is the email that the customer receives.

Work Order Email

The customer’s Work Order is now complete!