Email Domain Verification

To help keep deliverability as high as possible, our mail service requires that every sending domain is configured to allow the mail service to send authenticated emails on behalf of that domain. Domain verification is now required to protect another organization from sending out email from your domain. This step is to add another layer of prevention from spamming, phishing and spoofing.

Note: domain verification will not work for third-party email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc …

The instructions below outline how to make the necessary changes so that the emails that AlarmBiller sends out show that they come from your domain. If you do not make these changes your emails will be sent out from, but will still show your company name as the sender.


01 Mandrill


To change the domain to your company’s select Setup from the top toolbar.

02 Mandrill


Select Company Info under the Company Heading.

03 Mandrill


Take a look at the Reply-To email in the right hand column. If there is a red box with and ‘x’ in it your emails are being sent through

04 Mandrill

When you select the red box the following screen is shown with instructions on how to change the email address displayed on emails sent out by AlarmBiller. Select the Send Verification button – this should only be done once.

05 Mandrill


When you receive the Verification email please forward to so that we can approve your email on our domain. Complete the steps two and the screen below to complete the process.

06 Mandrill


If you have questions please submit a support ticket, though we can only provide limited support on adding the DNS (DKIM, SPF) records. We can provide debugging information if everything is set up and there is still a red box with an x next to the Reply-To address.