Work Order to Schedule & Notify

Step 1 – Edit Work Order

Select the Edit button on the Work Order page.

Edit Work Order

Step 2 – Schedule a New Appointment

Select the New Appointment button underneath the Appointments heading.

New Appointment

The following New Appointment Dialog Box will show. Complete all the fields on the left except for the Customer Confirmation. Then click on the Update Button

Schedule New Appointment

Step 3 – Select Notifications

The New Appointment dialog box will appear after you click on the Update button. Choose the notification selection that you want.


Step 4 – Save the Work Order

Once you make your selection you will receive the notification below. Click on the Save WorkOrder button to send your notifications.

Send Notifications

Step 5 – Email Notification to Customer

This is the email the Customer receives. It gives them the option to Decline or Confirm their appointment.

Customer eNotification

Step 6 – Text Notification to Technician

Tech Text Notification

Step 7 – Email Notification to Technician

Tech eNotification

Step 8 – Schedule the Work Order

Change the Work Order Status to Scheduled and click on the Save WorkOrder button.

Schedule Work Order

Step 9 – View Calendar

Select the Calendar tab to see the technician’s calendar and view the scheduled appointment, which will be shaded in gray.

Calendar View

The Work Order has been scheduled and both your Customer and Technician have been notified.