Submitting a Support Request

For help with a question or issue; go to the Support Center and then select New Support Ticket. Submitting a Support Request Fig1

Required Fields:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Phone – Please include extension if applicable
  3. Email
  4. Category – Choose from the drop down menu
  5. Description – Please be as detailed as possible so that we can have the best person from our team get back with you in a timely manner. This could include the Work Order number, Customer number or Invoice Number that you are having issues/questions with.

Submitting a Support Request Fig2 Non-Required Fields:

  1. Add Attachment – You may add an attachment to your service ticket. File size should not exceed 5MB file.  If your file is larger, please forward directly to and reference the support ticket it is associated with.
  2. Priority Level – Advises us of the urgency of the matter.
  3. Notes – At any point you can log into the ticket and add further notes that may further help us resolve the issue.

As our team works with you we will update the notes for you to view and reference at a later date.  Once we feel the ticket is Resolved the Status will change to Host Resolved.  At this point you would want to review the notes and if your question/issue is resolved you would change the Status to Completed, if your question/issue has not been answered you would change the Status to Open and update the notes with further details of what is still outstanding.