Work Order to Invoice

Step 1 – Technician Dispatch, Arrival and Departure

To enter their dispatch, arrival and departure times the technician may double click on the WorkOrder appointment on the calendar and the following dialog box will appear:

Dispatch Arr Comp

Step 2 – Complete Work Order

When the Completed time has been entered click the Save button. The Work Order will be Saved and the Status will automatically be changed to Completed and be colored orange.

Completed Appointment

Step 4 – Go the Customer Manager

The Customer Manager may be reached by double clicking on the appointment and selecting Customer. Note that the Status has been changed to Completed.

Completed Appt

Step 5 – Close out the Work Order

When you go the Customer Manager select the Work Orders tab. The completed Work Order will be shaded orange. Click on the View button.

View Work Order

Select Edit

Work Order Status Complete

Change Status to Complete by selecting it in the drop down menu.

Status Complete

Step 4 – Close Out the Work Order

  1. Make sure Status shows Completed
  2. Select the Complete tab
  3. Type in the Customer’s Name
  4. Have the Customer sign their name
  5. Click the Complete WorkOrder button

Completed Work Order

Note: In this example the Deliver Invoice check box is checked. The invoice for the completed Work Order will be delivered to the customer via their designated Delivery Method when the Complete WorkOrder button is selected. If you don’t want the Invoice delivered be sure to unselect the Deliver Invoice box.

Here is a sample of  the Invoice email which includes a PDF attachment of the invoice:

Emailed Invoice

Step 5 – View Invoice

After you select Complete WorkOrder you will receive a Notification that the Work Order has been closed. Click on the View Invoice button.

View Invoice

The following screen will then display:

View Invoice on Screen

Step 6 – Select a Print Option

Click on the Printer and Envelope area to view Preview and Delivery options.

Print or Email Invoice

There are three options: Preview, Print and Redeliver.

Print Delivery Options

Preview Option will download a PDF of the Invoice from your web browser.

Invoice PDF Download

The Print option will download a PDF of the invoice and mark it as Delivered.

Print Option

The Redeliver option will resend the invoice. The invoice may be mailed or you can enter an email and select the Email button to deliver via email.

Resend Invoice