Version 3.5.0


  • Custom Fields – Ability to create your own custom fields and data for Customers, Sites, Systems, RMR, Work Orders, and Proposals.
  • Utilities Tab – in the Customer Manager the Utility tab now houses Documents, Archive, Custom Fields and eForms (if activated.)
  • Logo Image Editor – Assistance to place and size logo correctly.
  • Late Fee Calculation – Option to have late fees calculated during RMR Generation.
  • Include Late Fees on Invoices – Ability to add the late fee to invoices in addition to statements.
  • RMR Generation will now process in the background so you can continue using AlarmBiller. When the preview and or processing is completed you will receive an alert.
  • Ability to delete all locks under setup.
  • Ability to accept money gift cards and process through Forte.
  • Employee search filter.
  • When adding a new Employee, if you choose the user the application will pre-populate relevant information.
  • Central Station Integrations complete for Stages and CMS.
  • Part Cost amount is visible when adding parts to invoices, credits, etc.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • eForms released with Proposal and Customer integration in AlarmBiller. Ability to send an eForm out that can push data into AlarmBiller.
  • Time and Attendance released.
  • Ability to group by Invoice sales person in Customer Sales Report

AB Cust Sales Report


  • Issue when saving a invoice, credit, work order, or proposal too quickly, items and or parts could be deleted.
  • GL Entry date syncing when invoice date is updated.