Release Notes

Version 2.7.8

(Version numbers may be skipped due to internal updates as we are continuously working to improve the application.)

What's New

  • Aging Report (Retro Active)
    • The Aging Report now has the ability to run retroactively. You can now select a run as of date and
      Dollar amounts will appear as they were on this date. The aging of the invoices will also be as of this date.
    • Ability to sort by customer number, customer name (default), and net due.
    • Change the sort order direction.
  • The New Document Management System
    • Rename files after upload.
    • Upload multiple documents at a time
      • Via drag & drop or browse files.
    • Document Security – Internal(default)/Customer
      • Documents with the Customer security will be available for download from the Customer Portal and in WO/Proposal emails.
    • Documents are now available in the following areas
      • Work Order
      • Proposal
      • Customer
      • Employee
      • Parts (Upload Manuals / User Guides)
        • Editable from setup page only
        • Download when viewing an Invoice/Credit/Proposal/Work Order
        • Download from site/system parts
      • Customer Site/System
      • Customer Portal (Docs with the Customer security role)
    • Attachments
      • Setup page
      • An attachment can now be more than 1 file.
        • Attachments can have a document type.
          • Attachment name is no longer a filename.
          • Adding files to an attachment works just like the new documents grid.
          • Updating an attachment’s documents will not update the documents on a work order or proposal.
        • Proposal
          • Attachments tab has been removed.
          • Attachments now live within the documents tab.
          • Adding an attachment to a proposal will include all documents in that attachment to the proposal.
          • Attachment documents cannot be edited like normal documents they can only be added or deleted.
          • Adding an attachment that is already on the proposal will result in the attachment being updated to the latest version.
          • Attachments will be grouped in the documents grid by their attachment name with a refresh icon that will update the attachment to the latest version.
          • When a proposal is sent to the client, attachments are no longer physically attached to the email. Instead a link will be provided in the email to each customer facing document. The link will allow that customer to download the file from the website without needing to login.
  • RMR Generation
    • Credits can now be generated from the RMR Generation process if the customers RMR sum for the current cycle is negative. This will generate a Credit rather than an invoice. The RMR Preview screen will Group by Invoices then Credits.
  • Quick Search
    • Hot Key Shortcut to instantly access the search bar:
      • Mac – Option + Spacebar
      • Windows – Control + Spacebar
    • New Search features:
      • Sites, Systems, Invoices, Credits, Payments


What's Fixed

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Manual eCheck/CC Deposit Payments can now be updated since they are not tied to actual eCheck or CC transactions.
  • The Aging Report, Customer Listing Grid, and the home screen aging buckets are now grouped by Current, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, 90+ days past due. (Statements will be coming soon)