Release Notes

Version 2.8.6

(Version numbers may be skipped due to internal updates as we are continuously working to improve the application.)

What's New

Recurring Work Orders / Work Orders

  • Recurring Work Orders (Appointment based) can now be created and generated from the Calendar.
    • This is now an additional appointment/event type and recurring work order schedule type.
    • When creating a new calendar appointment you can now attach the appointment to an existing Appointment Based Recurring Work Order. Or you can use the “Create New Appointment Based Recurring Work Order” check box from the calendar appointment.
    • A “Generate Work Order” button has been added to Appointment Based Recurring Work Order calendar appointments/events. This button will be visible when editing a single occurrence of the recurring work order appointment/event.
    • “Appointments” and “Work Order History” are two new tabs/grids, which have been added to the Recurring Work Order Detail page.
      • The “Appointments” grid will show all active appointments attached to the Appointment Based Recurring Work Order.
      • The “Work Order History” grid provides history for all Work Orders generated from that Recurring Work Order.
    • Added ”Create New Work Order From This Appointment” check box for new Work Order calendar appointments. This will create a new work order with an appointment.
    • “Is All Day” can now be specified for Work Order appointments.

Zones / Call List

  • Zones are no longer free text fields. They must be added to the relative site or system before associating them to a site/system part. This will provide a description of the zone, integrity of data, organization, reporting functionality, and closer integration with central stations in the future.
  • Proposals and Work Orders can now have Zones entered on the part. The zone will copy from the Proposal to the Work Order and finally attach to the correct Site/System Part once the Work Order is completed.
  • Zones can have an Authority associated with them as well as Signal Types.
    • Signal Types are a setup option.

Multi-User Concurrency / Progress Notifications / Chat Window

  • The following will lock down upon editing. When locked the edit button becomes disabled. This will prevent multiple edits from occurring at the same time.
    • Customer
    • Site/System
    • Invoice/Credit
    • Work Order
    • Proposal
  • The deliver-selected button on the Invoice/Credits Not delivered page will now be run through a background job and provide progress updates to the user who started it. The invoices selected for delivery will be locked at that time so they cannot be edited.
  • The Invoice/Credit delivery job will provide notification to all logged in dealer users that it is running and provide notification of its current progress. This will also lock down from editing all Invoices/Credits to be delivered until the job is complete.
  • Chat functionality added to the same places Locks have been added. Chat will activate if two different users are on the same page. For example if User A is viewing Customer1 and User B is editing/viewing Customer1 a notification will appear to both users allowing them to send messages to each other.
  • Lock Management page is available from the Setup Page, under Utilities.
    • Available only to Administrators, the Lock Management page shows the current active locks, and who is holding them. Locks can also be deleted from this page.

New Report – Current RMR Listing

  • See a snapshot of all your monthly RMR in the system, Grouped by customer. This report also has the ability to show individual master customers.

 Email Improvements

  • Outgoing emails are now being tracked. Quickly determine the status of an email, and whether or not if the recipient has rejected an email, if it’s been opened, or if links within the email have been clicked.
  • You can now view the content body of all emails sent within the past 60 days.

New Email RMR Payment Receipt option under Setup – Defaults.

  • This will send a payment receipt for auto pay customers when the transaction is actually submitted, not when the RMR invoice generation is ran.

Sales tax can now be split out into groups/ municipalities.

What's Fixed

  • Major Performance and Speed Improvements.
  • Sales Tax Reports now support showing 3 decimal places.