Version 2.9.2

RMR Changes:

  • New RMR tab shows all RMR in the system and allows reporting, sorting, filtering and grouping includes New Custom Date field. Custom Date field may be used for renewals, contracts expirations, etc … as determined by company.
  • Percentage discounts can now be added to RMR items.
  • Memos from RMR can now be added to individual invoice detail line items by checking the Include Memo checkbox.

Work Orders:

  • Appointments can now be copied to multiple days for easier scheduling. Click the Additional Days button and select all the days you would like the appointment to be copied to.
  • Calendar .ics syncing enhancements.
  • Customer and tech work order notification emails enhanced to included appointment .ics files and display upcoming additional appointments.
  • The Closed Work Order grid now shows the associated  invoice so you can see which work orders have or have not been invoiced.
  • Speed enhancements to grid lists.

Customer Registration Key now displays on Proposals and Statements in addition to invoices.

The Work Order Total now appears in the open Work Order grid listing.

New Single page Forte and Merchant PCI Compliance forms under Credit Card / eCheck setup.