Release Notes

Version 3.7.0

(Version numbers may be skipped due to internal updates as we are continuously working to improve the application.)

What's New

Major Enhancements

  • Architecture Update – AlarmBiller 3.7.0 includes a major enhancement to the underlying development architecture. While this is not something that will be seen on the user interface; this update keeps AlarmBiller on the latest development technologies and will greatly improve the speed, performance and reliability of the application.
  • Dashboard Widgets – You now can create your own user defined dashboard. When you log into AlarmBiller, you can define your own dashboard with the data elements most appropriate for you.
  • Task Management – This new feature allows for the creation of Tasks throughout the application. Tasks can be used to track anything you need to take care of. Tasks can be assigned to Customers, Invoices, Credits, Work Orders, Bills or just about any entity within AlarmBiller. Tasks can be assigned to any user, and all the information within the Task is easy to reference and visible throughout the application.
  • Auto Apply Unapplied Cash or Credits when Generating Recurring Invoices – This new feature (when activated in Setup) will automatically apply any unapplied Cash or Credit on the Customer’s account to the newly created recurring invoice when generated. There is the ability to flag any open Unapplied Cash or Credit so it will not auto apply (Lock Feature).

Minor Enhancements

  • Central Station Integration Updates and Additions – AlarmBiller is now integrated with; Affiliated, Rapid Response, CMS, AvantGuard, Security Central, Security Partners, UCC, and AMS. More to come soon.
  • Parts Updater – New feature to allow you to export the parts file to Excel; then make any changes then re-upload the file. Perfect for updating prices or descriptions.
  • Customer Quick Search – Added Contacts as a new search option.
  • Turn off Mail Delivery Feature – New setup option that allows you to turn off the Mail Delivery option if you will not be using this feature. This prevents accidental usage.
  • Items & Parts – Added a new long description field.

What's Fixed

Bug Fixes

  • Excel Export Security – Fixed a bug so users who do not have the ability to export to Excel will no longer have that option available.
  • RMR Rate Change – Fixed an issue with “Not Found” errors.
  • Work Order Descriptions – Fixed an issue with Work Order descriptions when the character length was over 500 characters.
  • AP Terms – Fixed an issue with AP Terms being displayed and brought into new Bills.
  • Calendar Appointments – Fixed issues with multiple time zones.
  • General Ledger Journal Entry – Fixed an issue that prevented some entries from being created.
  • There were also many other bug and operational fixes.


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