Success Stories

AlarmBiller Hot Seat: Legends Security and Sound

In this edition of the AlarmBiller Hot Seat, we asked Jim DeWitt of Legends Security and Sound to pull up a chair to chat about his successful company and how AlarmBiller helps keep business sizzlin'!

Jim DeWitt is the president and owner of Legends Security and Sound based in Columbia, South Carolina. After completing his engineering degree and **begrudgingly** accepting some sage career advice from Mom and Dad (we've all been there, man), he found himself smack-dab in the middle of the security industry—and it proved to be exactly where he belonged.

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AlarmBiller Hot Seat: SafePath Security

It’s time to give a warm – dare I say “hot” – round of applause for this month’s contestant, Mr. Scott Sawyer! Scott is the owner of SafePath Security, a high-tech monitoring company in Kennesaw, Georgia. After founding the organization in 2010, he’s watched it grow steadily every year since.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time until the folks at SafePath needed a little AlarmBiller in their lives (duh…who doesn’t?) to help conquer day-to-day tasks and turbo-boost efficiency.

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AlarmBiller Hot Seat: Castle Security

Here at AlarmBiller, we love to hear from our customers. So much so that, every month, we're grilling one lucky user about everything from the history of their company to the things that make their business model unique. And, of course, we want to know why they love AlarmBiller. In this month's chair is Mike Scalzo of Castle Security.

Since its establishment in 2008, the New Castle, Pennsylvania based company has built a well regarded, successful business by providing a wide array of services as well as excellent care to its customers. Since 2015, Castle Security has used AlarmBiller, the number one billing software for security dealers (sorry, I had to), as an extra set of virtual hands to help improve day-to-day operations.

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When Eric Hunt and Lance Papke decided to start SecuritiSmart, a security company out of Rochester, New York in July of 2015, the promise of recurring monthly revenue was a big draw to the industry. For small businesses, cash flow is an important part of keeping operations running smoothly, and RMR billing is one of the best ways to ensure that money comes in every month. From day one, Hunt and Papke recognized that operating efficiently with multiple clients, accounts, and pay schedules would be challenging. Therefore, they decided to partner with AlarmBiller, the number one business management software for security dealers, to help move SecuritiSmart forward.

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Morgan Alarm Systems

When Morgan Alarms started in 1999, Maureen Anderson, who now handles the invoicing and operations side of the business, notes that the company used a cumbersome DOS system to handle its basic needs, requiring much of their time and energy. This is a far cry from the company’s current efficiency and ease of operation due in large part to AlarmBiller’s billing software integration.

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Suffolk Security Systems

Cutting-edge Suffolk Security Systems deserves equally innovative management software. Better yet, it deserves a program specific to the field that can keep up with the company’s rapid industry advancements. When this tech-savvy organization finally made the switch to AlarmBiller in August of 2015, company owner, Paul Romanelli, says, “Positive changes started happening immediately. We’ve saved close to 100 dollars in postage already with AlarmBiller’s automated emails.” He went on to acknowledge the heftier resolutions like a proven increase in productivity and more tangible evidence of financial success, enabling further growth and invention for his state-of-the-art company.

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When Owner Joe Hay founded IconiPro in 1991, the company focused on fire suppression. Over the last 24 years, the Pacific City, Ore.-based company has evolved into a security and home automation provider and has expanded the market it serves. For most of its existence, IconiPro’s steady growth has been easy to manage and maintain, with Hay and his wife handling the business side of the company themselves.

One of the main reasons for IconiPro’s success, Hay says, is his refusal to view each installation as a cash cow and attempt to squeeze the most profit out of a customer. Rather, he’s built the company on a service-based philosophy. So rather than push a particular solution or equipment from a single manufacturer, he emphasizes the importance of finding the best solution, whatever that may entail.

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Astra Security

When U.S. Air Force and Army veteran Oliver Keeling founded Astra Security, LLC in July 2013, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning his own business. He was also taking a huge risk by leaving the large national security company where he’d grown comfortable in his role as a local technician and plunging into what he calls a “sink or swim” situation.

As anyone who’s ever started or seriously contemplated starting their own business knows, the going can be tough, particularly in the beginning. However, the roots of entrepreneurship run deep in his family – his father teaches on the subject at Iowa State University, and several relatives own and operate their own businesses. Keeling says he was fortunate to have this strong support system to help Astra get over the inevitable hurdles a fledgling business faces and become a successful operation.

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