AlarmBiller Automated Billing Features Save Morgan Alarm Time and Money

Morgan AlarmsWhen Morgan Alarms started in 1999, Maureen Anderson, who now handles the invoicing and operations side of the business, notes that the company used a cumbersome DOS system to handle its basic needs, requiring much of their time and energy.  This is a far cry from the company’s current efficiency and ease of operation due in large part to AlarmBiller’s billing software integration.

Before adopting AlarmBiller, Morgan Alarms moved from one account management software to the next, only to abandon each one for reasons including lack of remote access and general inconvenience.  However, now that they found their match with AlarmBiller, it is clear they aren’t going back any time soon.  As Maureen puts it, “We decided to go with AlarmBiller because they had the best software to fit our needs.”  She adds, “And we liked you guys.”    The cloud-based technology also gave AlarmBiller a leg up on the competition in her book.  “Sometimes when you’re running remotely, there is lag time between entry and appearance within the system, but AlarmBiller’s updates are instant,” she notes.

Over the years, Maureen has worked with a lot of accounting software programs but believes AlarmBiller to be the best for this business because she doesn’t have to babysit the process.  Clients can go online and manage accounts on their own leaving minimal manual data entry, freeing Maureen up to accomplish other tasks.  Since going live in September of 2015, she says there has been a continued ease of use, and with the help of AlarmBiller’s support staff from start to finish, it took just two months for her to develop a mastery of the program.  AlarmBiller made the transition as uncomplicated as possible for which she expresses much gratitude as she wraps up her interview with a ringing endorsement: “I trust AlarmBiller,” she states, “And since the switch, I haven’t had to look back at all.”