In the Hot Seat: SafePath Security

It’s baaaack! The time has come for another customer to pull up a toasty chair with AlarmBiller. Today, we’ve asked SafePath Security to answer some of our burning questions, but if they can’t take the heat…

They should probably get out of the kitchen.

Everyone, meet our friend, Scott.

It’s time to give a warm – dare I say “hot” – round of applause for this month’s contestant, Mr. Scott Sawyer!  Scott is the owner of SafePath Security, a high-tech monitoring company in Kennesaw, Georgia. After founding the organization in 2010, he’s watched it grow steadily every year since.

Naturally, it was only a matter of time until the folks at SafePath needed a little AlarmBiller in their lives (duh…who doesn’t?) to help conquer day-to-day tasks and turbo-boost efficiency.

Truly, I implore you to read this whole article, ’cause SafePath is awesome, AlarmBiller is the bomb, and this blogger is HILARIOUS.  But, in case your eyes are tired (seriously, cry me a river), I’ll kick this off with a little spoiler: SafePath seriously digs our Work Order technology because it helps make their daily operations super-duper smooth and simple. Check it:

OK, Scott…Walk me through how you use AlarmBiller for a customer from start to finish. What’s the play-by-play?

Basically what we do is…

1) When a new customer calls in, we capture that info in AlarmBiller and assign them to sales person as a prospect.

2) Then, we go from there to schedule a consultation or work order if the customer can be qualified and sold over phone.

3) Once we schedule an appointment, we dispatch the sales rep or tech.

  *I love the feature where the tech and the customer can both receive the email summarizing that appointment. We try to create proposals onsite via tablet when possible.* (We love it too, man)

4) Once the proposal is accepted, AlarmBiller can create the work order for install automatically, which is great.

5) After installation, AlarmBiller also creates and delivers the invoice so we don’t have to do follow up work in office. That saves us a lot of time and reduces human billing errors, which has been nice. Another nice feature is the customer portal on our website that lets customer view invoices, manage payment sources like credit cards or electronic check, process payments, and create a work order if they need service.”

BOOM. Told you so.

Now, let’s see how Mr. Sawyer handles the rest of the heat.  

First, a little Q&A about SafePath Security.

Alright, sir. We’ll start off easy. How did you get into the wonderful world of security?

“It was more by chance than planned, honestly. I worked my way through college in a completely different industry. After graduating in 1998 I noticed that my local electric cooperative had started a security division so I applied and was offered a management position. My decision to take the leap into this industry was two fold; I really liked the concept of recurring monthly revenue and having a positive impact on peoples lives by protecting their homes and businesses.”

Uhh, that sounds like a pretty sweet gig. What made you walk away?

“After many years and positions at the same company and managing the sale of the company to new owners I realized that it was time for me to go out on a limb and start my own business. So in 2010 SafePath Security opened for business and we have grown steadily every year and have become one of the most respected security providers in our market”.

Wow, every single year? That’s a pretty big deal. What types of clients do you have?

“I know our split is around 60 percent residential and 40 percent commercial, but I want to say it’s almost the opposite for revenue. Most of our residential work is higher end. We don’t really focus on the basic two doors and a motion sensor type systems. We focus on educating our customer’s and providing a comprehensive solution that secures their property and enhances their lifestyle.”

And what kinds of products and services do you offer your customers?

“We do high tech systems—about 80% of our customers use alternative communications such as cellular and internet. About 50% also utilize our remote service solutions. We lead with Honeywell and their Total Connect remote services platform but offer services with most major manufacturers. You know, a lot of our customers really like the conveniences offered by remote services and they use the services daily. I have found that if you provide a service people will actually use they stay a customer longer.”

So, what else is unique about SafePath?

“Well, I think we’re still small enough to focus on each customer and give them the attention they deserve versus treating them like a number. Our business model also doesn’t require long-term contracts—I honestly believe if you give people good service, you don’t need to lock people into long-term contracts.”

Ok. Let’s get down to it. Time to talk AlarmBiller.

First, what software were you using before you saw the light?

“We were using ProBill, and we started with that because the entry price price was reasonable and it worked well for recurring invoicing. It worked, and they’re great people who do a great job, but it didn’t give me the opportunity to manage customers from prospects all the way through invoicing and everything in between.That was the biggest reason for the move to AlarmBiller to be able to automate the billing process and manage the customer lifecycle with one system. AlarmBiller kind of goes on autopilot and works for us, which is great.”

Remind me again—just how long have we had the pleasure of serving your company?

“We’ve been using AlarmBiller for almost 3 year now and are really happy we made the move. The transition from ProBill to AlarmBiller was really smooth. You did a good job during the initial set up as far as explaining and giving me recommendations on how to use everything.”

Can you talk a little bit about the ways AlarmBiller is helping you guys run your business?

“AlarmBiller is helping us give true customer access where the client can manage their invoices and pay bills without taking manpower on our end. It’s helpful in coordinating and using the calendar for Work Orders. We’re not totally done transitioning into that full process yet, but we’re definitely moving in that direction.”

Paint me a picture of how AlarmBiller is impacting SafePath by the numbers.

“As far as the savings on a monthly basis I can’t put a dollar value on it—it saves at least one day a month by having automated processes versus having to supervise the billing process. The time saved lets us focus on growing our business and providing better service to our current customers. That’s a good thing!”

Now, for the big one: LAST QUESTION! Tell me, Scott. Where do you see our relationship headed?

“Honestly, I see us growing and continuing the transition to a paperless operation with AlarmBiller. Once we get all of our contracts and documents integrated and get everything in a secure cloud-based system, we won’t have to worry about the info in the office. We will be able to manage documents through the entire customer lifecycle so we don’t have to keep a physical file anymore. We’ll be able to work efficiently wherever we are.”

Phew! I think it’s safe to say we see a future together.

Scott Sawyer, ladies and gentlemen!

What a champ. Impressively, he escaped the AlarmBiller Hot Seat without a so much as a sizzle.

….Now the question is: who’s next?