SecuritiSmart is Operating Smarter with AlarmBiller

When Eric Hunt and Lance Papke decided to start SecuritiSmart, a security company out of Rochester, New York in July of 2015, the promise of recurring monthly revenue was a big draw to the industry. For small businesses, cash flow is an important part of keeping operations running smoothly, and RMR billing is one of the best ways to ensure that money comes in every month. From day one, Hunt and Papke recognized that operating efficiently with multiple clients, accounts, and pay schedules would be challenging. Therefore, they decided to partner with AlarmBiller, the number one business management software for security dealers, to help move SecuritiSmart forward.

“As a new company trying to build a customer base, we’re constantly looking for ways to market to the greater Rochester area,” Hunt says.

SecuritiSmart maintains an array of both residential and commercial clients who require different parts, services and labor. For this reason, a software that automates time consuming features like billing, payments, and service notifications is important as he continues to devote his efforts to growing the SecuritiSmart brand.

Hunt’s decision to work with AlarmBiller was influenced by many factors.

“The most important thing,” he notes, “was an industry-specific program.”

Software built with security dealers in mind offers special features like work order management and RMR billing, meeting SecuritiSmart’s needs. In addition to its core capabilities, AlarmBiller’s ease of use and a flexible pricing structure that grows with its customer base was enough to sell Hunt on the product.

With AlarmBiller now fully integrated into the business, SecuritiSmart finds itself utilizing every aspect of the software. The broad scope of the product allows customers to choose the way they interact with their service provider. Whether they like automatic notifications or traditional phone calls to manage account activity, the software offers the flexibility to accommodate their preferences.

The most convenient AlarmBiller function, by far, is the automated RMR billing and recurring payments, with the majority of SecuritiSmart customers enrolled in the program.

“RMR was the big reason we got into the security industry—the recurring cash flow—so it’s nice,” Hunt says.

The software offers seamless integration with credit card processing and allows Hunt and Papke to easily bill customers and collect payment automatically, all giving them the opportunity to expand their operation.

Though SecuritiSmart is a young company, business shows no signs of slowing down. With AlarmBiller to handle the time consuming billing and management tasks, the two entrepreneurs are free to continue to raise awareness about their business and keep growing the SecuritiSmart client base.