Suffolk Security Systems Meets AlarmBiller Software to Maintain Rapid Innovation

Suffolk Security Systems Logo OnlyCutting-edge Suffolk Security Systems deserves equally innovative management software.  Better yet, it deserves a program specific to the field that can keep up with the company’s rapid industry advancements.  When this tech-savvy organization finally made the switch to AlarmBiller in August of 2015, company owner, Paul Romanelli, says, “Positive changes started happening immediately.  We’ve saved close to 100 dollars in postage already with AlarmBiller’s automated emails.”  He went on to acknowledge the heftier resolutions like a proven increase in productivity and more tangible evidence of financial success, enabling further growth and invention for his state-of-the-art company.

Suffolk Security Systems’ notoriety as one of the industry’s leaders in new security technology began in 2007, when its intuition led to work with cellular systems long before the emergence of the iPhone-inundated culture in which we exist today.  With Romanelli at the helm, the company has developed a proven track record of forecasting the next big trend before it floods the market, so when it recently took on beta testing the Lyric Alarm Panel, a buzzed-about new Honeywell product, it was a clear endorsement of the technology’s projected success.

Despite the technological savvy for which Suffolk Security Systems is known, it, admittedly, took a little bit of nudging to get Romanelli on board with AlarmBiller—a web-based management software solution designed to streamline invoicing, payment, processing, and work order management for security dealers of any size—and “nudging,” a term used very loosely, implies what he describes as Perennial Software Co-founder, Michael Marks, and Account Executive, Brad Solomon, “hammering [him] for two years to try his product.”  Luckily for both parties, persistence did the trick, and after only a few months of Suffolk’s adoption of AlarmBiller, the product has already paid off.

In 1999, when Paul Romanelli bought Suffolk Security Systems, he says, “Organizational software options for small businesses were limited; our old system worked for accounting and management, but there were always functions missing.”  These functions included proposals, work orders, client communication and appointment scheduling, just to name a few.  AlarmBiller answered the call of small security business owners everywhere when it released a product to fill that void in the market.

For a business the size of Romanelli’s, AlarmBiller has streamlined efficiency and increased flexibility for Suffolk Security Systems.  Before the software’s adoption, company information wasn’t remotely accessible, making work-life balance tricky; in essence, Romanelli had to be in the office to perform basic managerial tasks.  Now, with the implementation of iPads for employees to check in, log hours, change appointments and communicate with clients, everything runs more smoothly.  He notes that the web-based software allows him to be on the job with his technicians as opposed to tied to an office chair to get things done.  Though transitioning to a new system can often be a slow process, the AlarmBiller software and support team made the change easy. Forty percent of Suffolk’s clients were smoothly imported into the program without external assistance, while skilled AlarmBiller technicians handled the rest.  Suffolk’s employees also converted easily.  In jest, Romanelli mentions his secretary as the last hanger-on to the old system. “In another two years, she’ll get it,” he jokes.