Workflow Process Made Easy

Seamless Workflow from Proposal to Payment

Enhance your customer’s experience by using AlarmBiller. From proposal to payment, our web-based platform offers a turnkey business management system that technicians and clients will equally benefit from. Our system – which can be accessed 24 hours a day, organizes your business, keeps track of your customer’s information (including warranty, service levels, installed parts) and ultimately makes sure you get paid for every job on time, all while doing less busy-work. Even better: We’ll have each item of correspondence branded with your logo and contact information, maintaining a cohesive look and professional experience.


Step 1 – Proposal

Whether your client wants their paperwork mailed or emailed, AlarmBiller streamlines the proposal process. Our system allows you to close more deals by generating professional-looking proposals in minutes. Then, once the proposal is approved, all of the information remains organized and transitions into a work order. This process eliminates human error, ensures efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction. View step by step instructions.

Step 2 – Work Order

The AlarmBiller platform allows you to take proposal directly to work order from service levels set in each individual customer. Now you have everything you need to set-up an appointment and get a technician to your client’s home. View step by step instructions.

Step 3 – Schedule & Notify

Based on the job at hand, you can select and schedule the right technician for each project through AlarmBiller. Once scheduled, your technician and client can be notified that the job is on its way.  Your customers will benefit from AlarmBiller’s notifications so that they can organize their days around a job. Your employees will value having access to their comprehensive schedules at their fingertips through AlarmBiller. View step by step instructions.

Step 4 – Invoice

Simply and easily turn work order into invoice on site and get paid on time. Once a technician closes the work order, an invoice will be generated that may be viewed on a tablet or mobile device, emailed or printed. Even warranty and service levels will be pulled from the customer information. View step by step instructions.

Step 5 – Receive Payment

Your technician may accept payment from your client onsite by credit card or eCheck. Our system even stores credit card for recurring payments – taking the guesswork and customer follow-up to a minimum and maintaining and organized and refreshing experience for you, your employees and your customers. View step by step instructions.

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